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Concrete Removal And Repouring

How concrete sloping towards your house effects the foundation!


Concrete driveways and sidewalks can become cracked and settle over time from poor compaction and erosion. This causes the concrete pads to slope towards the home instead of away from it as it was original designed. Once this has happened the water that hits the pad will no longer run away from the foundation, it will then begin to run toward the foundation causing all kinds of problems including eroding foundation walls, causing the foundations to settle and crack, basement floor heaving and cracking, and of course water damage. Although ripping and repouring can be costly leaving the problem will only cause more problems and higher cost in the future.


How to check to see if your concrete is draining properly?


1. Take a four foot level and place it on your concrete at a 90 degree angle from your foundation. If the bubble in the middle bubble vials is sitting more towards your foundation then the concrete is sloping toward the foundation. Repeat this every five to six feet along the surface of your concrete pad.


2. If you do not have a four foot level you can take a garden hose and run water on the concrete pad close to the foundation to see where the water runs. If it runs away from your foundation then your concrete is sloping in the proper direction, if it is not contact We-Do-All Contractors for a free drainage assessment.



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