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Deciding if a concrete pads right for you can be easily achieved by answering a few common concrete pad questions. Saskatchewan property owners can benefit immensely from a properly installed concrete pads. Here are a few important questions to answer prior to installing concrete.


1. What type of foundation will there be under my concrete pad?
Prior to installing of your new concrete pad we will excavate all inadequate sub base such as soil or clay, a new sub base of at least 6" inches thick will be installed using Base Gravel which is packed to ensure 98% density. This is crucial in providing a solid foundation as well as creating a frost barrier that will stand up to our tough Saskatchewan winters and prevent heaving.


4. Do I currently have drainage issues with my current concrete pad?
Saskatchewan property owners are all too familiar with the sounds of spring, hopefully your sounds do not include water flowing inside your property. By assessing drainage issues prior to constructing your concrete pad we can help prevent water from pooling or puddling on your new concrete pad.


4. What type of finishes are available for my concrete pad?
We-Do-All Contractors specializes in many different concrete pad finishes to see a few of the most popular concrete finishes that We-Do-All Contractors can provide for your new concrete pad click here.


6. Are there any costs that are not included in my concrete driveway estimate?
Many times contractors do no take the time to properly evaluate your specific concrete driveway project. Since all projects are different, this is a critical step in giving you an accurate estimate. We-Do-All contractors will visit the site and provide you with a detailed and accurate estimate for your project.


7. When will my concrete pad be installed?
Typical concrete pad projects take one to four weeks to construct from the time you approve the project. The old concrete pad will be removed, a sub base installed, formed, rebar installation and then pouring of your new concrete pad. Pouring will take a minimum of 1 day, but some projects may last longer depending on the size.


8. What do I need to do to maintain my concrete pad?
Even though concrete pads are maintenance free, there are some issues to consider when planning your new concrete pad. Here is a list of items to consider when planning maintenance of your new concrete driveway:


  • Landscaping: Install a mowers edge with paving stone around the sides of your driveway, this will prevent grass from growing in your new concrete pad it looks great, allows water to properly drain, and give you smooth edge for a mower to ride on saving time on lawn care maintenance. Be aware of any trees, shrubs or bushes that are close to your driveway, the roots from these may grow beneath your driveway and cause problems down the road.
  • Sealing: It is critical that your new concrete pad is sealed 30 days after the concrete was poured. This sealer prevents stains and moisture from entering into the new concrete.
  • Stains: Unfortunately your concrete will be exposed to a wide range of elements including oil, gas, grease and whatever else find its way onto it. Immediately remove any items that may cause stains by using a high pressure washer.
  • Weight Limits: Although your concrete is built to last, extended storage of heavy equipment can cause indentations in your new driveway.
  • Winter Conditions: Winter poses many threats to your new concrete pad. Make sure to avoid using salt to remove ice, salt may cause cracking, and scaling to occur. Make sure to avoid using salt entirely for the first winter your new concrete driveway is exposed to, this will lengthen the life of your driveway. When removing snow, make sure to not scrape your driveway and if you have it plowed ask the driver to make an effort to keep the blade raised to avoid scraping.


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