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Dry Wells

What is a dry well?


During the rains, many homeowners still go through annoying water logging problems in their gardens or yards. The main reason of this sort of stagnant water problem is the lack of a proper and efficient dry well design. Stagnant water in puddles and garden potholes, provides a breeding ground for mosquitoes and various insects. This in turn is a compromise with your health and aesthetic value of your land. In the eyes of environmental affairs and departments, such an act of drainage problems is highly unclean and contaminating. Homeowners are required to find a drainage solution for yards, just so that they do not pollute the streets and other surroundings, by allowing the contaminated water to flow out freely from their houses. There has to be an appropriate arrangement made for the waste and disposals to enter the septic system consistently. And to work out this sort of an agreement, what else could be better than a dry well construction? It is efficient, inexpensive and most importantly least messy. It basically is an underground pit that collects water from all the surrounding areas of your home and lawn which then can be covered with soil and gravel deep into the ground.




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