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Flowable Fill

Benifits of flowable fill!


1. No settlement
Flowable fill does not form voids during placement, and won't settle or rut under loading.


2. Versatile
Flowable fill mix designs can be adjusted to meet specific requirements and a variety of performance characteristics.


3. Easy to acces tough spots like under decks
Depending on the type and location to be filled, flowable fill can be placed by chute, conveyor, pump, or bucket. Because flowable fill is self-leveling, it needs little or no spreading or compacting.


4. Strong and durable
Load-carrying capacities of flowable fill typically are higher than those of compacted soil or granular fill.


5. Can be excavated
Flowable fill, having a compressive strength of less than 150 psi, is excavatable with conventional excavating equipment, yet is strong enough for most backfilling needs


6. Reduces excavation
Flowable fill allows narrower trenches because it eliminates having to widen trenches to accommodate compaction equipment and laborers in the trench.


7. Reduces loud equipment in your yard
Unlike soil or granular backfill, flowable fill can be placed without rollers, loaders, or tampers.

Why use flowable fill to water proof your foundation?


Flowable fill (a.k.a Liquid Backfill) is extremely effective in raising your existing grade and ensuring proper drainage away from your home. The flowable fill mixtures are comprised of combinations of cement, water, fine aggregate, and clay. This creates a low strength concrete that protects the foundation better than typical landscape materials. Flowable fill can be applied over top of existing landscaping avoiding removal fees and can have any form of landscaping done over top of the flowable fill once it has dried and cured, usually within 48 hours of application




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