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Foundation Repair



Compaction Grouting is a method used to raise sunken foundations. Settlement and shifting occur in the ground below your foundation causing it to sink and become un level. A common problem in Regina and surrounding areas due to the high level of clay in the soil. If your home is not level you will be unable to close doors and windows, your basement floor will heave and become un level and your foundation will crack. It is important to have the ground below compacted to stop settlement and your home raised level to maintain the value of your property. Compaction Grouting is done by installing 2" steel pipes 6' below the foundation, then pumping a grout mixture into the pipes which compacts the ground and raises the foundation.



As the soil exerts pressure on your basement wall, the wall can push in at the top, bottom, or middle. This can be identified by bowing basement walls, or cracks appearing on your basement walls. When a home needs wall bracing, an engineer is brought in to inspect the extent of the damage and draw plans for We-Do-All Contractors to follow while installing your wall bracing. The repair involves the installation of steel beams installed vertically against the wall, anchored to the floor joists by large anchor bolts and cemented in to your concrete floor. Any cracks are sealed with a polyurethane caulking. Once the work has been completed your foundation is inspected by an engineer to ensure that the completed work complies with the structural plans.


Typically block or stone basements require this method of foundation repair. A retain wall is a 5" to 8" concrete wall in front of your existing basement wall that braces the old wall and helps to support your home. An engineer is brought in to inspect the extent of the damage and draw plans for We-Do-All Contractors to follow while installing your retaining wall. Although the specifications are different with each engineer and specific basement, the process is relatively similar The walls are first braced with I Beams usually 4' to 5' feet apart, rebar is installed every 12" to 14" apart, forming is completed, the height of the pony wall various but it has to be higher than exterior grade level typically 5' to 6'. The concrete is pumped into the forms, after a couple of days the forms are then removed.


If you are getting water in your basement from cracks in your foundation walls waterproofing your foundation with a liquid or sheet membrane can solve your problem and extend the life of your home. We-Do-All Contractors excavates along the outside or your basement walls down to the footing to expose the wall and any existing weeping tile. The weeping tile is replaced, and the walls are cleaned, we then repair all substantial voids - including large tie holes and cracks - with an asphalt- based mastic or grout. Liquid membrane is sprayed evenly over exterior of the foundation walls or a sheet membrane is glued to the walls. The excavation is filled with sand to improve the drainage around your foundation. Proper grading topsoil and landscaping must then be completed.



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