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Foundation waterproofing

Liquid Membranes


Installed by experts
Liquid membrane is installed by Waterproofing Contractors - professionals skilled in the details of successful basement waterproofing. These contractors undergo extensive training to ensure the highest quality application.


Surface preparation
The wall surface should be smooth, monolithic and clean. Remove loose aggregate, dust, mud or sharp protrusions from the wall. On poured concrete walls, remove all wall ties - both inside and out. Repair all substantial voids - including large tie holes, cracks and honeycombs larger than your fist - with an asphalt- based mastic or non-shrinking grout.


System application
Liquid membrane is sprayed evenly over the entire foundation wall. The membrane can be applied when ambient temperatures are as low as -6'C, and on damp or green concrete. However, the membrane must not be applied over standing water, a water film, ice or snow. On poured concrete basements, liquid membrane can be applied as soon as the forms are removed, and on parged block basements, as soon as the mortar is dry


Curing and backfilling
Foundations coated with liquid membrane should be allowed to cure at least 16 to 24 hours, or longer if ambient temperatures are below 7'C and/or if humidity is 80% RH or above. Make sure the membrane is cured before installing drain tile and gravel (unless the membrane is protected by foundation board at least 24 inches up from the rooter and backfilling. Use clean fill materials for backfilling. Avoid backfilling with sharp, angular rocks, or any other materials that may puncture the waterproofing membrane.


Drainage requirements

Liquid membrane is designed for use with a foundation drainage system consistent with local codes and good construction practices. A typical exterior drainage system consists of 3-inch minimum perforated drainage pipe - with gravel over the pipe, on the footer and at least 10 inches up the face of the insulation board. The drain tile should channel water to either an operating sump pump or to daylight. The grade should always slope away from the foundation.









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