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Grading, Excavation, and Removals

Why have We-Do-All Contractors shape and grade your yard before landscaping?


New homes are usually left with yards that are flat by the home building companies, and many stay this way for a long time. Flat landscape can be subject to drainage problems that can create basement water problems, it is also visually unappealing. Rain water can flow towards the foundations of your house if your yard does not have a proper grade or slope. An improper grade can create boggy spots where planting grass and other plants can be problematic. It is important that your yard will have a gradual slope away from the house of approximately 3/4 inch per foot. Once the yard has been properly shaped a 4-6 inches layer of top soil is spread over the yard, and then, distribute and smooth it to slope away from the house.


Excavation Services


1. Septic System Installation

2. Water and Sewer Line Service

3. Drainage Solutions (French Drains, Weeping Tiles, etc.)

4. Sonotube® / Big Foot Systems® Concrete Forms

5. Post Hole Drilling

6. Garage Preparation

7. Building Demolition


Landscaping Removals


1. Lawns

2. Flower beds

3. Trees

4. Shrubs

5. Fencing

6. Paving Stone

7. Driveways

8. Pathways





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