Grading Existing Landscaping

Why Should I regrade my existing landscape?


The right soil grade can prevent basement leaks before they start by directing the water flow away from or around the house. The first rule to grading is: the soil should always slope away from your home. It sounds like common sense but foundations are often set too deep in the ground during construction causing marshy ground, wet basements or flooded slabs.


Proper grading (in conjunction with a gutter and downspout system) is one of the easiest ways to manage surface water, reduce the possibility of water penetration and structural damage from hydrostatic pressure, and control the water content in expansive soils.

If you have grade problems for an existing house, We-Do-All Contractors can remove existing landscaping, design a drainage plan, regrade your yard, then design and create your new landscape. Keeping water away from your basement and protecting your home for years to come while giving you the opportunity to give your yard a fresh new look.


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