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About Our President

Lance Fries


Lance Fries was born in August 1978 and has lived in Asquith, Regina and Saskatoon Saskatchewan throughout his life.


Lance graduated High School at F.W. Johnson Collegiate in Regina on June 26 1996. Soon after he began embarking on a career in Concrete Raising and Leveling by accepting a job as a Laborer in Mar 1997. By June 2001 He was hired to start up the Ontario Division for the Concrete Raising and Leveling Company Level Corp Inc. Which included establishing long term city contracts for Ottawa and Hamilton, . He returned home to Regina in Dec of 2001 after a hugely successful start up in Ontario to accept the position of Division Manager of Level Corp Inc. in Regina Saskatchewan. . In July 2005 after many good years with Level Corp Inc. and Regina, Lance decided to follow his dreams by leaving Level Corp Inc. and Regina to pursue a mobile disc jockey business in Saskatoon Saskatchewan.


In March 26th 2006 Lance started Absolute Entertainment a Mobile DJ company in Saskatoon Saskatchewan and later opened a Regina Division. Absolute Entertainment has and still to this day continues to provide outstanding DJ services for hundreds of customers in the province of Saskatchewan.


While DJing part time Lance was employed by Wilco Contractors of Saskatoon on July 4th of 2005. He quickly became a Foreman and it is here where he worked on many large Contracting Projects such as the Retaining Walls and Paving Stone in Phase 2 of Saskatoon's River Landing. With over seven years of working with Wilco he learned many different aspects of contracting and now offers many of those same services to his We-Do-All customers.


Lance now resides on a Acreage located 50 Kilometers east of Saskatoon and continues to build We-Do-All by providing all of his customers the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.



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