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How To Identify Problems With Asphalt Shingles


Asphalt shingles have quickly become the most popular method of covering a roof. Asphalt shingles can be found covering more roofs then any other form of roofing material used today in modern roofing applications. While the popularity increases with asphalt shingles there are still going to be problems that arise from time to time with the shingles that a homeowner must be aware of in order to remedy any problems. We-Do-All Contractors will always provide the best advice when it is time to replace or repair worn shingles. Learning about the wear patterns and possible signs of damage will allow a Saskatchewan homeowner to make the best choices when needing to replace or repair damaged asphalt shingles.


How An Asphalt Shingle Functions:


Much like the tires on your car, an asphalt shingle stands in direct contact with the elements in its path. Asphalt shingles are the barrier that provides a Saskatchewan roof protection from the sun, wind, rain, snow, ice, and debris. A roof has to be able to stand up against incredible strong and persistent forces of nature. It is the asphalt shingle that stands up to those extremely destructive forces, while maintaining a dry barrier between you and your home’s roof. The asphalt shingle covers the overall roof system acting as a guard against all of the elements of the weather.


Common Signs Of Asphalt Shingle Wear:


Granule loss is the most telling sign that an asphalt shingle roof may be damaged or failing. The granules coat the shingle and allow it to protect from UV rays, and the severe weather effects. There will always be a normal wearing of the granules with any asphalt shingle product. When the shingles have become worm out they will have very little or nearly none of that mineral coating left on the shingle. When the granules are missing from the shingle the life of that shingle becomes very low. Because of the constant freezing and thawing during the winter months in Saskatchewan, an asphalt shingle goes through a tremendous amount of wear.

Granule loss can be found when a professional when a homeowner looks in the rain gutters or the ends of the downspouts. If there is any evidence of a black sand-like substance, which are the mineral granules loose from the asphalt shingles a problem is occurring. Normal granule loss does occur any time the asphalt shingles are walked on, as well as throughout the year during storms. Hail storms can cause serious damage to the granule surface as well.

Another common sign of asphalt shingle damage can be found when there are curled shingles. A curling asphalt shingle will have the edges of the shingle curling upwards. This is commonly found on older roofs where there is moisture build-up in the attic that destroys the under side of the asphalt shingle. Any time there is curling on an asphalt shingle it must be replaced by a professional roofer.

Bare spots can also be seen when asphalt shingles are wearing out. Along with the signs of loose granules, bare spots are places where the asphalt shingles have completely worn out. It would appear as if the shingle has melted away and only the bottom edge remains.

Broken shingles are also a clear indication of shingle wear and will be found where ever there is a presence of snow, ice, and harsh winter effects. Snow removal, ice, and wind can all act to break asphalt shingles. When shingles break they can allow water to enter a roof system very easily. We-Do-All Contractors must quickly replace broken asphalt shingles.


Steps To Identifying Shingle Damage:


Condition of shingles- Are there any damaged or missing shingles? Determine the overall condition of the shingles by inspecting the entire roof surface looking for damaged or missing shingles. We-Do-All Contractors is an expert in making these determinations.

• Identify worn shingles- look for cracked, torn, buckled, and warped shingles. The sun has a tendency to warp shingles very rapidly in some cases. If asphalt shingles are still under warranty the manufacturer will often replace these damaged shingles at no cost. A professional roofer will also help remedy this failing shingles. As the shingle deteriorates it will lose its ability to protect the underlayment and other roof components from the harsh sun, rain, and wind.

Replace all bad shingles- By replacing the discovered failing shingles you will be provided the roof a continued barrier from moisture and will prevent additional roof damage.

• Inspect the attic- If there is any moisture in the attic, puddles, or damp places that will be a sign that the asphalt shingles may be failing or that the roof has a serious problem. The roof’s truss system must be protected from moisture, and excessive heat in order to provide the structural strength to maintain supporting the roof system. When asphalt shingles are damaged they can allow water, heat, and damage to occur to the entire structure of the roof and the truss system.


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