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    synthetic Lawns

    Why you should choose Synthetic Lawn!

    With a Synthetic Lawn you can have a beautiful looking lawn all year round,and it's maintenance-free. Imagine looking out over a manicured green lawn every day that doesn't require any mowing or watering regardless of the weather?


    Synthetic Lawn is the alternative to natural grass, it offers you a maintained, no maintenance lawn without the need for watering, mowing or fertilizer. Less maintenance results in savings you time and money.


    The realistic appearance of synthetic grass is outstanding and, it is safe for children, animals and pets.


    Synthetic Lawn is fully porous and drains like real grass. It's flexible and follows the contours of your yard like real grass. But, unlike real grass, it keeps its vibrant colour right through the wet weather and hot summers.

    There's no watering or fertilizer required so it's good for the environment.


    • Benefits of a Synthetic Lawn!
    • No more mowing
    • No more watering
    • No more muddy patches
    • No more weeds
    • No fertilizing or pesticides
    • High UV resistance
    • always green
    • Ideal for pets
    • Child safe
    • Hard-wearing & long-lasting
    • Aesthetically pleasing
    • Save water and time
    • Looks great in all seasons
    • Helps hay fever sufferers






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