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Plants have such an important impact on the world around us, and we are passionate about making sure the trees, shrubs, and flowers in your landscape are well established and strong. The process taken during planting is extremely important as it can affect the long-term health of the plant. Since plants are living entities with specific needs, we take extra care when handling them before and during installation.


Just as important as the installation process is the manner of plant selection. Plants cover such a wide range of variance and demand that it is vital to pick a shrub or tree that is suited to a specific location. A plant must be positioned in an area that matches its needs for sun exposure, water accessibility, size capacity, hardiness zone, micro-climate, and maintenance.


Plants that are installed in locations outside of their comfort zone can become stressed and die from disease, rot, drought, or pests. We-Do-All Contractors are experts with trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals, and can guide you towards specific plant material that is appropriate for your individual needs.


We select only healthy plants for our customers and ensure that they have a strong root ball, good color, and regular form. You are making a big investment when you purchase plant material, and you should get the best possible product. A good, healthy tree can provide so much more than just beauty, it can also provide shade, fruit, scent, screen, enclosure, color, and habitat. We want to help make sure your investment has a strong foundation.


We acquire our plants directly from the grower, so you can be sure that you are getting a fair price and a quality product.


Cedars, Juniper , Upright, Pine, Spruce



Ash, Birch, Buckeye, Cherry, Flowering Crab, Hawthorn, Lilac, Linden, Maple, Mountain Ash, Oak, Olive, Poplar, Willow



Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, Currant, Goji Berry, Gooseberry, Grape, Honeyberry, Pear, Plum, Raspberry, Rhubarb, Saskatoons, Strawberries



Almond, Azalea, Barberry, Burning Bush, Caragana, Cherry, Cranberry, Dogwood, Elder, Forsythia, Honeysuckle, Hydrangea, Lilac, Maple, Mockorange, Nannyberry, Ninebark, Plum, Potentilla, Sobaria, Spirea, Sumac, Weigela, Willow



Engelman Ivy, Grape, Hops, Honeysuckle, Virginia Creeper



Cotoneaster, Lilac, Potentilla



Assiniboine Poplar, Northwest Poplar, Okanese Poplar, Swedish Aspen, Tower Poplar



Tender and Hardy


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