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Weeping Tile

What is weeping tile and how do I know if my home has it?
Let’s take a look at the average home drainage setups in Saskatoon. The most common is a foundation drainage system, also known as weeping tile. This is a perforated plastic pipe, surrounded by coarse gravel, located around the outer edge of the concrete footing of the basement. When water seeps down through the soil, it flows into the holes in the pipe, and is diverted out.


What to do if I have water leakage problems?

Homes constructed prior to the early 1960s likely do not have a weeping tile system.       If your home was constructed after the early 1960s, it is likely that a weeping tile system was installed. Until early 2004, most of these systems were built to divert water into the floor drain in your basement.       The City of Saskatoon changed weeping tile requirements as of January 1, 2004. All homes constructed after that date must have a weeping tile system that diverts water into a sump pit inside the basement.

Recommended Action:

Have We-Do-All Contractors install a new weeping tile, sump pump and a backwater valve system.


Recommended Action:

Have a We-Do-All Contractors inspect your weeping tile system and your sump pump and backwater valve. If you do not have a sump pump and a backwater valve have them put in by us, and have the weeping tile system disconnected from the basement floor drain and diverted to the sump pump.


Recommended Action:

Do routine maintenance in spring and fall. If you still experience water leakage in your basement call We-Do-All Contractors to check your system for proper operation.














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